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Law Driven Real Estate Transactions

Broker Michael A. Naso is also a Real Estate Attorney with over 24 years of experience representing Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Investors. For the same price you would pay a regular Broker, you get the experience and knowledge of an experienced Real Estate Attorney. Our agents have been personally chosen and trained by Mr. Naso and his managing agent, Yvette Prelle who has over 33 years of experience as a real estate agent. Their combined knowledge and experience ensure that all of our transactions are handled properly and smoothly.

The purchase and sale of any type of real property has inherent risks for the seller and buyer. Although nobody can eliminate every risk for every transaction, a well trained agent with a good understanding of the law can eliminate more of the risk than the average agent. Real Estate law is much more intricate than you probably realize. One of the biggest risks associated with real estate transactions is the risk of litigation. Our experience, knowledge and training can help prevent litigation related to the transactions we handle.

Most Real Estate related disputes can be avoided by having an experienced advisor by your side helping you with your Real Estate transaction before it is finalized. Our office is dedicated to providing sound advice and representation to our Real Estate clients.

Commercial and Residential:

We represent buyers and sellers of commercial properties and residential properties. We understand the intricacies of commercial and residential property sales, purchases and financing and the leasing of commercial space and residential property.

Frequently asked questions

What is the advantage of using a Real Estate Attorney/Broker over a regular broker? Our Real Estate Broker has represented many brokers and agents in lawsuits filed against them for a variety of claimed errors. The knowledge Mr. Naso has gained over 24 years of practicing law defending brokers and agents has helped him to train our agents on how to avoid liabilities related to our transactions. Another advantage is that the other side is less likely to breach the contract or defraud our clients as they understand Mr. Naso has a great deal of experience litigating these matters.

Will the broker be acting as my attorney related to my real estate transaction? Mr. Naso will only be acting as a broker for the sale or purchase of a property per a standard broker agreement. However, if the client needs legal work related to the sale or purchase of a property, Mr. Naso will so advise the client. If legal work is required and the client wants Mr. Naso to handle it, a separate Attorney/Client retainer agreement will have to be entered into.